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来自以色列的好消息!Good News from Israel #904

来源:以色列计划  作者:以色列计划  发布时间:2019-02-20  浏?#26469;问?

来自以色列的好消息!Good News from Israel #904


Arab leaders join conference on Iranian threat


Leaders from 60 countries, including from across the Arab world in a 2 day Middle East security summit in Warsaw Poland to combat Iranian threats worldwide. Omani FM Yusuf bin Alawi bin Abdullah to PM Netanyahu;“People in the Middle East have suffered a lot by sticking to the past. Now we are saying this is a new era for the future and for the prosperity of every nation,”  Oman, Bahrain, Yemen, Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia; "We grew up talking about the Palestine-Israel dispute as the most important issue, But we saw a bigger challenge, in fact the most toxic in our modern history, which came from the Islamic Republic, from Iran.",

来自60个国家的领导人,包括来自阿拉伯世界的领导人参加在波兰华沙举行为期2天的以全球范围打击伊?#37322;?#32961;中东安全峰会。阿曼外交事务部长优素福·阿拉维·本·阿?#33539;?#25289;?#38405;?#22612;尼亚胡提到;“中东人民在过去遭受了很多苦难。如今我们认为现在是每个国家的未来和繁荣的新时代,“阿曼,巴林,也门,埃及,摩洛哥,突尼斯,沙特阿拉伯提到; “我们一直在说巴以冲突是最重要的问题,但我们看到了一个更大的挑战,?#23548;?#19978;伊朗是伊斯兰共和国现代历史上最具毒性的挑战。”,

Great news for Heart Failure patients


A game-changing medical technology for Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) patients; Leviticus Cardio has developed a fully implanted system, powered wirelessly to give patients a quality of life unprecedented to Left Ventricular Assist Device patients up to now. The technology, patented by Leviticus Cardio, uses an external electromagnetic transmitter to charge an implanted battery, negating the need for a permanent and infection-prone exit wound. 

以色列发明了一项改变?#29287;?#34928;竭(CHF)患者的的新医疗?#38469;? 由Leviticus Cardio研发一种稳固可靠的无线系统,能够满足当今可植入式心室辅助装置(VAD)的日常电力需求,同时消除了传动系统的复杂性。Leviticus Cardio拥有该?#38469;?#19987;利,—共面能量转移(CET),可与所有商用心室辅助装置(VAD)搭配使用。

Rains unearth Bar Kochba-era coin hailing ‘freedom of Israel’


Maayan shalom, a tour guide, last week stumbled across a rare 1,900-year-old coin from the time of the Bar Kochba revolt unearthed by recent rains in the Lachish region, southwest of Jerusalem; the coin had a palm tree with 7 branches and 2 clusters of grapes above the name“Shimon” — Bar Kochba’s first name in Hebrew. The flip side of the coin had a vine leaf with a twig and an inscription  “the second year to the freedom of Israel.” (134 CE.)

上周,一名名叫Maayan shalom的导游在耶路撒冷西南部Lachish地区因近期降雨,偶然发现了一枚罕见的长达1900年历史的巴克巴革命时期的古代硬币。这枚硬币上有一棵棕榈树,7根树枝和2个葡萄串,并写着“Shimon” -  巴克巴的希伯来文名字。硬币的另一面有一片带有树枝的藤叶并题词“以色列自由的第二年。”(公元134年)

An entire city is being built under Tel Aviv


First light rail line will begin operating in October 2021. 22 kilometers of the 24 kilometers of tunnels already been dug. The line that will start working will make a difference in traffic jams. The Red Line will begin operating first, followed by the Purple Line and the Green Line.  The Metro project includes 110 stations along 140 kilometers connecting 22 cities.


Former Canadian PM Stephen Harper in Business trip


“I am excited to be back in Israel to meet with incredibly talented people and businesses in cyber technology, defense and AI (Artificial Intelligence). Looking forward to strengthening Canada and Israel’s entrepreneurial partnerships.”


Sierra Leone's greatest Zionist


Ambassador at the UN, Adikalie Foday Sumah visited Israel as part of a delegation of UN ambassadors, he founded a pro-Israel organization to promote ties between the two countries and help change voting patterns against Israel at the UN and in Sierra Leone's parliament; "Israe has long accused the UN of subjecting it to unfair criticism, while ignoring violations by other nations. When I came to Israel, I saw how much strength and ability this country has. It is a country that mixes Jews, Christians and Muslims, and God has put it above all else,".

联合国大使Adikalie Foday Sumah作为联合国大使代表团访问了以色列,他成立了一个亲以色列组织,以促进两国之间的关系,并帮助改变塞拉利昂议会在联合国针对以色列的投票模式。联合国和塞拉利昂议会说到; “以色列长期以来一直指责联合国?#20113;?#36827;行不公正的批评,同时无视其他国家的违法行为。当我来到以色列时,我看到了这个国家有多大的力量和能力。这个国家混合了犹太人,基督徒和穆斯林,而且上帝已经把它放在了首要位置“。

Finland buys Israeli Radar system


ELTA (part of Israel Aerospace Industries) is to supply mobile compact multi-mission radar systems to the Finnish army. The radars help locate and track incoming rockets, artillery shells and mortars, and alert the army’s counter-weapons systems.



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